List All Covers Of Chicken Shack

1Maudie/Andalucian BluesBlue Horizon 57-3168
2Tutti Frutti/Webb's BoogieNova DL 26 005
3Maudie/Andalucian BluesCBS 57-3168
4Poor Boy/Daughter Of The HillsideDeram DM 352
5The Loser/Telling Your FortuneDeram DM 369
6You Know Could Be Right/As Time Goes Passing ByDeram DM 381
7Maudie/Andalucian BluesBlue Horizon 57-3168 (2)
8When The Train Comes Back/Hey BabyBlue Horizon 57-3146
9Poor Boy/Daughter Of The HillsideDeram DM 352 (2)
10I'd Rather Go Blind/Sad ClownCBS 1832 (NL)
11Riding With The Devil/Ariola 15 549 AT
12Sad Clown/Tired EyesBlue Horizon 57-3176 (NL)
13Tears In The Wind/The Things You Put Me ThroughCBS 3160 (Port)
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