List All Covers Of Big Mouth & Little Eve

1Jingle Jangle Johnny/Tanz den Hupapa mit mirBellaphon BL 11366
2Daddy Won't You Play Me/Love Me BabyBellaphon BF 18482
3Uncle/Hi, Hey, Ho And HelloPhilips 6012 521
4Träume gehen schnell vorbei/Hi, Hey, Ho And HelloPhilips 6012 530
5Big Mouth & Little Eve/We're Gonna Have A PartyPhilips 6012 650
6Daddy Won't You Play Me/RosiePhilips 6012 668
7Yo-de-Lay-Dee/Tell'M: ''ja'', Tell'M: ''Nee''Polydor 6012 560
8Welcome Home/Broken Hearted MeBellaphon BF 15558
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