List All Covers Of Dr. Alban

1Look Who's Talking!/Look Who's Talking! (Stones Radio)BMG Ariola 74321-18800-7
2Away From Home (short)/Away From Home (long)BMG Ariola 74321-21385-7
3Let The Beat Go On/Let The Beat Go On (Dindogamadub)BMG Ariola 74321-22561-7
4It's My Life (Radio Edit)/It's My Life (Club Mix)Logic 115 330
5U & Me ….we are one family/U & Me ….we are one family (Instr.)Logic 114 227
6No Coke/No Coke (remix)Logic 114 025
7Hello Africa/Hello Africa (single mix)Logic 113 789
8Hello Africa/Hello Africa (single mix)Logic 113 789
9One Love/Reggae Gone RaggaLogic 74321-10872-7
10Sing Hallelujah (Short Version)/Sing Hallelujah (Original Version)BMG Ariola 74321-131101
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