List All Covers Of Five Americans

1Western Union/Now That It's OverVogue DV 14624
2Reality/If I CouldStateside SSF 20.003 (FR)
3Guided Tour/See-Saw-ManArtone AB 25.732 (NL)
4Sound Of Love/SympathyVogue DV 14641
5Sound Of Love/SympathyVogue DV 14641 (2)
6Zip Code/Sweet Bird Of YouthVogue DV 14660
7Lovin' Is Livin'/Con ManVogue DV 14776
87:30 Guided Tour/See-Saw-ManCalifornia C 281 (DM)
9Western Union/Now That It's OverLondon Top 1156 (Jap)
10Western Union/Now That It's OverAbnak H 182 (ES)
11Sound Of Love/SympathyStateside HSS 1201 (NL)
12No Communication/The Rain MkerVogue DV 14727
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