List All Covers Of Kincade, John

1Till I Kissed You/Pie In The SkyBellaphon BF 18219
2Anyway I'M Happy/WhenBellaphon BF 18275
3Jenny Gotta Dance/One Of Those DreamsBellaphon BF 18305
4Shine On Me Woman/Until TomorrowBellaphon BF 18176
5Love Her Like A Lover/We've Got It TogetherBellaphon BF 18365
6Big Hand For Annie/One Sweet GirlBellaphon BF 18198
7Do You Remember Marilyn/Love Of A LadyBellaphon BF 18178
8Love Her Like A Love/We've Got It TogetherBellaphon BF 11365
9Give A Little, Take A Little/MagicJupiter Records 15 876 AT
10Thank God Your Love Don't Cost Money/When You Know How You FeelJupiter Records 11 543 AT
11Weaving In And Out Of My Life/Just A Little BitBellaphon BF 18440
12Pied Piper/Funky LoveBellaphon BF 18400
13Go Back Down The Road/Mama's Little GirlBellaphon BF 18445
14Peggy Sue/SuddenlyBellaphon BF 18483
15Private Eye/Reason And RhymesBellaphon BF 18413
16Hell wie die Sonne/Von heut' auf morgenBellaphon BL 11256
17Love Breakdown/New Kind Of BandRCA PB 5734
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