List All Covers Of Kristofferson, Kris

1Loving Her Was Easier/The Pilgrim Chapter 33Monument MN 103
2Watch Closely Now/Crippled CrowCBS 5336
3Me And Bobby McGee/The Best Of All Possible WorldsMonument 30817
4Help Me/Sugar ManMonument MNT 65391
5Magdalene/Star-CrossedCBS 84 818
6Josie/Border LordMonument MN 104
7Me And Bobby McGee/Sunday Morning Comin' DownMonument MN 102
8Loving Her Was Easier/The Pilgrim (Chapter 33)Monument MN 013
9Why Me (Mono)/Why Me (Stereo)Monument 8571 (USA) Promo
10Why Me (Mono)/Why Me (Stereo)Monument 8571 (USA) Promo
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