List All Covers Of Jack's Angels

1Song Of A Carefree Man/Spanish Harlem IncidentAmadeo AVRS 21 361
2When There's A War Going On/Two-ten, Six-EighteenAmadeo AVRS 21 350
3Ich hör deine Schritte kommen/Weit übers MeerAmadeo AVRS 21 372
4The Lady Came From Baltimore/The Prince In Love Is MeAmadeo AVRS 21 509
5Singin' Any Song/I Need Somebody To Sing ToAmadeo AVRS 21 505
6The Legend Of Jesse James/The Legend Of Jesse JamesAmadeo AVRS 21 375
7This Life I'm Livin'/Ten Thousand CandlesAmadeo AVRS 21 362
81983/Woman At The WellAmadeo AVRS 21 351
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