List All Covers Of James, Tommy

1Boo, Boo, Don't 'Cha Be Blues/Rings And ThingsBellaphon BF 18158
2I Love You Love Me Love/Devil Gate DriveFantasy Bellaphon BF 18403
3Hey, My Lady/CalicoBellaphon BF 18202
4Celebration/The Last One To KnowBellaphon BF 18144
5Ball And Chain/Candy MakerRoulette DV 11107
6Light Of Day (Mono)/Light Of Day (Stereo)Roulette 45.VR.195075 (FR)
7Three Times In Love/I Just Wanna Play The MusicRCA FB 1785
8Say Please/Two Time LoverPolydor 2002 198
9Tighter, Tighter/Comin' DownBellaphon BF 18474
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