List All Covers Of Jigsaw

1Love Fire/Your Lips Are CloseSplash BASF 06 192 721
2Sky High/Theme From A Man From HongkongSplash 06 19263-0
3Baby Don't Do It/Stand Next To MeBuk BASF 06 19236-3
4You're Not The Only Girl/Face The MusicBASF 06 19228-2
5I've Seen The Film, I've Read The Book/When There's Nothing Left To SayBASF 06 19190-1
6Cry 'til The Tears Run Dry/Low Life LoveBASF AC 192 843
7That's What It's All About/And I Like YouBASF 05 19572-9
8Jesu Joy Of Man's Desiring/No Questions AskedMetronome M 25 408
9Sky High/Brand New Love AffairBASF 06 19263-0
10Keeping My Head Above Water/Hanging AroundBASF 05 19108-1
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