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1I Follow The Sun/Wasted WordsHavoc SH 111
2I Follow The Sun/Wasted WordsHavoc SH 111
3Every Step I Take/Hard TimeVogue Int. 18097
4I Want You, I Need You/Suzy BabyMarfer MN 679 (SP)
5Love Won't Stop/No Matter Where We RunAriola 18 634 AT
6For Another Man/I've Waited So LongAriola 18 542 AT
7Wasted Words/I Follow The SunAriola 18 684 AT
8I've Got Mistery/It's GoneAriola 18 238 AT
9Miracle Man/SomethingPhilips 318 969 PF
10Miracle Man/SomethingPhilips 318 969 PF
11I've Waited So Long/It's GoneVogue Int. 18017 (FR)
12It'S The Same Old Song/Someday ChildHavoc SH 122 (NL)
13Wonderful Impressions/Nellie The HorseHavoc SH 137 (NL)
14I Can't Help It/Look AwayDecca AT 10 405 (NL)
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