List All Covers Of Sweet, Rachel

1Baby Let's Play House/Wildwood SaloonStiff 6.12658 AC
2Baby/Suspendid AnimationStiff Buy 39
3Billy And The Gun/Still Thinking Of You (Smith Rex)CBS A 1405
4Then He Kissed Me/Be My BabyCBS A 1706
5Then He Kissed Me/Be My BabyCBS A 1706
6Voodoo/ParalyzedCBS A 2857
7Voodoo/ParalyzedCBS A 2857
8Party Girl/Fool's StoryCBS A 1986
9Party Girl/Fool's StoryCBS A 1986
10Who Does Lisa Like/I Go To PiecesTeldec 6.12478 AC
11Spell Bound/Protect The InnocentStiff 6.12827 AC
12B-A-B-Y/Suspended AnimationStiff 6.12421 AC
13B-A-B-Y/Suspended AnimationStiff 6.12421 AC
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