List All Covers Of Tyrannosaurus Rex

1Deborah/Child StarEMI Stateside FSS 571 (FR)
2One Inch Rock/Salamanda PalagandaEMI Stateside FSS 601 (FR)
3Deborah/Child StarPolydor DP 1598 (Jap)
4Pewter Suitor/Warlord Of The Royal CrocodilesEMI Stateside 2C 006-90 026 (FR)
5By The Light Of The Magical Moon/Find A Little WoodEMI Stateside 2C 006-91 133 (FR)
6Debora/One Inch RockCube Records 2016 009 (FR)
7Debora/One Inch RockCube Records 2016 009 (Ger)
8Hot Love/Woodland RockNil 9037 (It)
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