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1Only You Know And I Know/I Was DownPathé Marconi 2C 006-11 882 (FR)
2Come Along/PromisesEMI Odeon 2C 006-10 159 (FR)
3Spicks And Specks/Mustang SallyTriola TD 349 (DM)
4Free Me/My GenerationEMI Pathé Marconi 2C 006-10 824 (FR)
5What A Mess Again/NadorEMI Pathé Marconi 2C 006-11 164 (FR)
6Only You Know/I Was DownEMI Pathé Marconi 2C 006-11 882 (FR)
7Come Along/PromesasSintonia 813 075 (ES)
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