List All Covers Of Davis, Paul

1Darlin'/You're Not Just A RoseBellaphon BF 18601
2Cool Night/65 Love AffairArista 104 141-100
3Cool Night/65 Love AffairArista 104 141-100
4Can't You/Gonna Keep On Loving YouBellaphon BF 18023
5Thinking Of You/Karma BabyBellaphon BF 18437
6I Just Wanna Keep It Together/PollyanaBellaphon BF 18017
7Superstar/Magnolia BluesBellaphon BF 18459
8Keep Your Love Alive/I Got A YearningBellaphon BF 18351
9I Go Crazy/Regae Kind Of WayBellaphon BF 18572
10Make Her My Baby/Can't Get Back To AlabamaBellaphon BF 18322
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