List All Covers Of Stock Aitken Waterman

1Roadblock (Rare Groove Version)/RoadblockPWL 6.14874 AC
2S.S. Paparazzi (The Boys Have A Go Mix)/S.S. Paparazzi (Short Crowning Mix)PWL 6.15196 AC
3Roadblock (No Block 'til Deutschland Mix)/Roadblock (Rare Grove Version)PWL 6.15006 TS
4Packjammed (Writ Mix)/PackjammedPWL ZB 41699
5Packjammed (Writ Mix)/PackjammedPWL ZB 41699
6Packjammed/Packjammed (Writ Mix)Teldec 6.15016 AC
7Packjammed/Packjammed (Writ Mix)Teldec 6.15016 AC
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