List All Covers Of Pop Tops

1Mamy Blue/Road To FreedomBellaphon BF 18049
2Mamy Blue/Road To FreedomBellaphon BF 18049
3My Little Woman/Girl, What's On Your MindBellaphon BF 18154
4Hideaway/What A Place To Live InBellaphon BF 18105
5Mammy Blue (Castellano)/Dios a todos higo libresFinger Bellaphon BF 18067
6Oh Lord, Why Lord/SomewhereBarclay M 25 073
7Suzanne Suzanne/Happiness VilleFinger Bellaphon BF 18077
8Happy Hippy Youppy Song/Where Can I GoBellaphon BF 18189
9Oh Lord, Why Lord/Walk Along The RiversideBellaphon BF 18070
10Road To Freedom/Mamy BlueBarclay NP 77562
11What A Way To Go/Baby I Will CryBellaphon BF 18222
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